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Hi everyone! I’ll go over this in detail in today’s lecture, but here’s a reminder of our schedule for the rest of the term, and some guidelines for this week’s presentations.

Wed 1 June / Thus 2 June (in tutorial)
Group presentations
Fri 3 June (by midnight)
Proposal reflections due
Tues 7 June
Proposal assessment + final project statement template emailed to group
Mon 20 June (10am start)
Exhibition set up
Mon 20 June (by midnight)
Email personal reflections
Tues 21 June (11am start)
Final presentations & critical reviews
Fri 24 June (by 3pm)
Exhibition clean-up complete

The reason for this week’s presentations is to receive constructive criticism on your project proposal and/or work in-progress. The more detailed information you provide, the more specific and useful this feedback can be. Each presentation should include:

  1. A clear explanation of inspiration.
  2. A clear statement of intent.
  3. Detailed sketches, plans and/or prototypes of the design.
  4. A simple use scenario.
  5. A list of exhibition display requirements.

Each member of the group must deliver part of the presentation & briefly explain their role in the project development. (You will each receive individual marks for this part of the project.)
Each group must email their presentation to Anne by noon on the day of their tutorial presentation.

And last, but not least, please answer the following questions in your written response to the feedback you receive:

  1. What are the strengths of your project?
  2. What areas need to be improved?
  3. What tasks are required to complete the project, and who is responsible for each task?

Good luck & have fun! If you need anything, please email Anne or Catherine to make an appointment during the week of 13 June.


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