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words. images. artefacts.

Please bring all your work in progress to this week’s tutorial for feedback.

At this point you should have:

  • a selection of 10-14 photos
  • draft captions for each photo
  • a draft project statement
  • sketches/mockups of your final book or website

We’ll briefly go over the presentation guidelines and then focus on one question/concern for each student, so please decide beforehand how the group can best help you. If you would like to arrange one-on-one feedback consultations, please be sure to contact Anne or Catherine as soon as possible.

Next week’s schedule

Monday 9am: Please email Anne a .pdf of your book’s content, including a photo of the final product OR a url and .zip file of all your web content.

Monday 10am: The presentation schedule will be posted outside Anne’s office & VS 318.

Monday 12:30pm: Presentation set-up. Presentations start promptly at 12:40.

Wednesday/Thursday: Presentations continue.


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